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Agrarian are able to provide a complete construction project management package to deliver your project to time and budget including:

Construction Site

Construction Site

The level of Agrarian's autonomy in any project is totally dependent upon the client. We only consider a project to be a success if our client's needs have been fully met.

From the outset, the client's objectives are:

and, once set, benchmarked for review both during and after the project

Our team manages the efforts and aspirations of all parties for the overall benefit of the project through team working and workshops, which develop trust and a common understanding providing an environment for all to contribute.

Construction Site

effectively become part of the client's own organisation to vet, select and appoint trade contractors, co-ordinate and manage their work (both on and off site) to achieve the objectives of the project. By doing this we contribute to the design process through value engineering and buildability exercises to achieve an economical design, which can be delivered in the optimum time to the highest quality.

Adoption of the Construction Management ethos removes any confrontational approach (historically prevalent in the industry) leading to greater efficiency and quality. We allow flexibility to aid our client's decision-making processes whilst maintaining tight control.